New Years Resolutions

It is with great interest that I observe myself and those around me at the start of a calendar year in the western world. There is a drive to adopt New Year Resolutions; intentions to fix or change something in our life: start a new exercise program, lose some weight, change a daily routine, change an undesirable interaction with an individual.

And yet for most of us these intentions are very short lived. All one needs to do is observe an exercise class during the first two weeks of January and then return there on the first of March. The surge has subsided and the number almost universally will have been reduced significantly.

On the other hand, if one takes each day as a new beginning, as a time that is providing wonderful opportunities to set forth clear intentions then there is no need to wait for a specific time such as a new calendar year or an auspicious event. I suggest that each morning you set your intention and visualize it as accomplished, as done. Be mindful of the present, of the moment, of this day and at the end of it simply give thanks for what you have achieved. If you only stuck to a part of your diet then give yourself credit for that; be grateful for what you did accomplish and simply acknowledge that tomorrow provides you with a clean slate.  Tomorrow is another day that allows you the opportunity to inch your way forward towards achieving your intention.

Several years ago I read a beautiful quote which has become my motto for living. It is from Mary Anne Radmacher and expresses so very succinctly that we are OK exactly where we are but it also gives us hope to be able to move forward.

Courage does not always ROAR. Sometimes it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying … ” I will try again tomorrow.”

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3 Responses to New Years Resolutions

  1. Stefan says:

    Nice work putting it on facebbok.

  2. Sharon says:

    Beautifully put! At one time I made resolutions each new year, but soon discovered that they became meaningless and that to just live my life in integrity with who I am is the best way to be.
    I am not perfect by a long stretch but every year I am closer to living in awareness of the moments, and that indeed often leads to a feeling of gratitude at the end of the day…

  3. Kucki says:

    Well put ! I also feel that every day is a new beginning and an opportunity for me to do whatever I do joyously and as best I can. I am grateful at the end of the day I feel I have accomplished that.

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