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Sunday …

Yesterday, St. Valentine’s Day, was a beautiful day, full of hearts. ¬†And then came Sunday. Sunday the 15th was a brilliant say so I decided to go back to Devin and take anther look at the castle. It was a … Continue reading

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Happy Thought – #32 – Synchronicity

Timing is everything but it is not in our hands! Continue reading

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Happy Thought #23 – The Two Wolves

We are always free to choose who we wish to be by the thoughts that we entertain which, when spoken, are words. Continue reading

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The goal in life for each and everyone is joy. There are many roads to getting there but the basis is always to be true to ourselves, to be authentic. This takes courage. Continue reading

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Survival is all about attitude. When we examine those who survive, whether it be physical or emotional challenges the bottom line is always attitude. Examine the cases of surviving holocaust victims, buried miners and the answer is always what attitude was adopted. Continue reading

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