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Wow, Wow and More …

This will be a bit of a long post as I have not presented myself here since March, when I was still in Slovakia …  but bear with me. I returned to Vancouver on the first of April and had … Continue reading

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More of Now …

Since my return from Hungary I have been on a continuous merry-go-round and it has been such fun.  The 91st Birthday celebrations were fabulous and last week, while heading out for a hike I fell upon a tourist information office … Continue reading

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La Vida Sencilla

I have entitled this post as La Vida Sencilla meaning “the simple, uncomplicated life”.  That is exactly how these past two weeks have been.  At times it felt as though time stood still allowing me to bask in the simple … Continue reading

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On Monday, the first of December, I took a train to Ottawa.  It was wintery in St.Foy and no more balmy upon my arrival in Ottawa.  I love travelling by train.  To sit back in a comfortable seat which also … Continue reading

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LOA, the Law of Attraction, is now such a common expression in the western world but I wonder how many really believe in it or adhere to it.  In September of 2012 I went on an amazing trip to Europe … Continue reading

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De-cluttering …

All is well in Prince George – spring has finally sprung so I am daily aware and very appreciative of the bounty of nature.  That is also in part due to the fact that I am enjoying “work” with the … Continue reading

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Happy Thought #72 – Appreciation

Practice appreciation; appreciation of very small, what may seem insignificant events and “things”, that make up your life and you will be filled with bliss. Continue reading

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Happy Thought #56 – A Buddy

Buddies come in many forms: friends, angels, lovers, children … it does not matter who they are but we all need them and are grateful to have them in our lives. Continue reading

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Happy Thought #55 – Today is Special

Every day is special. Focus on it, regardless of how small the events in it may appear. Continue reading

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Happy Thought #48 – Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotion that signals to us the need to move towards a more happy place in our thoughts. Continue reading

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