Music therapy has been described as a very non-invasive yet effective approach to creating a healthy balanced body.

A dictionary definition of music: the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

Music is Universal – What is it about music that we find it everywhere in the world?  It is universal.  I guess that is because in its purest form music is simply sound. Sound is vibration and vibration is energy.  The sound can encompass a wide spectrum, from the lowest to the highest and beyond to sounds that the human ear is not able to detect but which is audible to animals.  It can vary in speed, repetition, loudness … the permutations and combinations are endless and this is probably the reason for its universality.  What is noise to some is poetry to others.

It speaks to so much more than just our ears. Music penetrates into our body and goes beyond, into our soul.  Soothing melodious sounds have a relaxing effect on us and actually affect not only our physical body but also our mental and, therefore, emotional state.

Music will alter the chemistry in our bodies, generating different moods;  improving or diminishing the effectiveness of our bodily functions and therefore having a direct bearing on our health.  This is the basis of music therapy.

I recently had an amazing experience, as close to an “out of body” occurrence as can possibly happen without coming to death’s door.  I lay under a grand piano as it played to me beautiful melodies, transporting me to a plane where there was no body.  I was weightless, I was aglow with energy, I was one with the universe.  There was only emotion: orgasmic, euphoric joy. This kind of connection can only be positive, energizing, healing and totally calming.

Although I had gone to experience Craig Addy’s Under the Piano, with no predisposed thoughts as to what the experience would create, I crawled out from Under the Piano feeling totally connected and at one with everything and everyone.  The state that I was in was magical and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to travel to that realm beyond this physical world and to do it with only the aid of music.

I do not believe that Craig describes himself as a music therapist and I have never had a music therapy “treatment”.  Having said that, if this is anything like music therapy then why would anyone choose to have any other type of “treatment”?  I certainly never want to experience any other, more conventional, approach to a malaise as I am convinced that I crawled out from under that piano as pristine and whole as the day that I was born.  This was re-birth and I am all for it.  Let the music play!

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2 Responses to Music

  1. Craig Addy says:


    What a beautiful recreation of Under the Piano. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am right now in an investigation about beauty and why it is so important to me. So much of what you have said echos perfectly what I believe about music and what it has to offer to the world.

    I was watching a video on recently – it is a talk by Simon Sinek and it is titled “How great leaders inspire action”.
    He poses the idea that leaders and organizations that ask them selves the question “Why do I do what I do” and then communicate that belief, have the key to inspiring others. I asked myself the the question “Why?” and what I came up with is that I believe in creating beauty, expressing beauty and contributing beauty. I believe that we are in a world that has lost touch of the value in beauty. Beauty is invaluable in that it transports us into the “now” and in this space we are free to dream and journey and explore without the hindrances of fear, anxiety and past constraints. We are present to what is important and to being connected with everything and everyone, just as you have said. In the presence of beauty, we are also aware that we are experiencing something that is whole and complete – something that has integrity – something that works. I believe that if we all acknowledged and created more beauty in the world and that if we held beauty as a principal factor in making decisions, choices and actions, we would be creating a world that works better.


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