De-cluttering …

All is well in Prince George – spring has finally sprung so I am daily aware and very appreciative of the bounty of nature.  That is also in part due to the fact that I am enjoying “work” with the Prince George Symphony very much.  To do any activity with a total focus brings satisfaction.  Yearning takes me away from what is happening right here and right now.  It defuses the present  … I miss out on the joy of the moment and that creates a dull lustre which at the end of the day makes all that has taken place a joyless blur.
I will be going to Vancouver for a short visit in June for my son’s university convocation.  By the beginning of July I should have all the music for the Symphony’s next season sourced and ordered and then I will return permanently to Vancouver.
Will I do this again next winter?  Don’t know!  I have not made any firm decision as I leave for Italy on the 13th of September and my return is for the 30th of October … although that could change as I am always open to find a way to remain more permanently in Europe.  I will try to remain open to all offers that come from the Universe.
And now to the main reason for this post.  A couple of months ago I wrote about the power of NO and yet it appears that I have not applied that information into a most important aspect of my life:  my daily work activities.  Recently I made a very empowering decision and that is:  I have no passion for doing business via the computer. That is, applying social media tactics to my services does not set my hair on fire.  When I think of music or travel or cooking then my whole being resonates like a violin string and I sizzle.  But when I think of implementing social media technology there is a knot in my stomach.  The technology does not come easily to me.  It feels like I am trying to swim against a current.
This may explain why my attempts to generate revenue from online activities has been a total failure.  Failure may be a little harsh since every effort that we exert generates some positive results and I certainly learned a great deal.  However, I believe that my involvement was for all the wrong reasons.  Making money should be secondary while enjoying what I do should be the primary reason for any activity and then the secondary one automatically happens … at least that is the way it has always worked for me in the past.  For these reasons I made a very definitive decision and here is where the practice of saying NO is applied.  I said NO to all the webinar offers that were coming in daily.  I said NO to all the folders and links containing instructions on “how to … be successful in online business” and I began to purge this information from my computer.  I also threw out all my written notes of which I had two large binders … this process of “de-cluttering” was most empowering and now I am open to receive whatever comes to me, always remembering my passions.  I will listen carefully to my inner voice and will not get on a wagon simply because everyone else is boarding it.
Be bold! Trust your intuition and may you also find power in NO!
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