When I look at confidence, I think of being at ease with myself; or as the French say being comfortable in my skin.  One of the simplest ways to come to that state of being is to be accepting of the moment since the moment is really all that we have.

“Accept yourself just the way that you are and exactly where you are.”  Say this to yourself.  See how it rolls around in your head, how it fits.  If you are having “turbulent” thought about where you are or what you have just done or not done then you may need to breathe quietly to calm yourself and to contemplate the idea.

To accept yourself means so much …to accept myself just the way that I am is to acknowledge that all is well and the potential for even better is right here and now.  It is a peaceful command.  It is full of promise and it is very empowering because of the hope that it instills.

When I am in acceptance then dreams, the source of all development and progression, are entertained without rancor.  I can go to those domains of fantasy with an anticipatory outlook, accepting the experience as the playful game, which is what day dreaming is meant to be.

“Accept myself here and now just the way that I am”.  I repeat this to myself often when I am faced with a challenge.  It was the mantra of the moment.  In yoga I noticed that holding a pose is not nearly as challenging, is not nearly as daunting.  The command to release comes much sooner than I expect; it comes much sooner than it seems to come when I am not in the present, when I am not totally focusing on accepting who and what I am right now.

Acceptance … what a peaceful, beautiful word.  No, it is more than a word; it is a state of being.  It is a way to live.  And then I realized that it is more than about me.  Acceptance of others, just the way they are. Wow, that brings even more tranquility into this life of mine that is so very full of all the attributes of this century – the go go routine of daily life.  After all, I am not here to change anyone except myself.  Knowing that gives me a certain sense of confidence, as does a calm state, because I am not going to lock horns with someone by trying to change them.  Confrontations always have an eroding effect on confidence because of the need to win.  At least they do on my confidence especially if I am not successful in convincing the other person of changing.

We are each on our own path, our own journey and to acknowledge this and to accept it in someone else, is also very liberating.  It takes a huge load off our shoulders.

And now let us expand this idea even further.  Let us accept, not only ourselves and others as we are but let us accept everything that makes up our life.  Acceptance is not giving up.  Acceptance is being open to move forward, to expand, to evolve and that is a great confidence booster.

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