Stress Management with a simple breathing exercise – Try It Now

Breathing in a controlled manner is so very beneficial to managing stress.  Did you know that your lungs have receptors connected to the brain which trigger different “emotions”?  For example, the top third of the lung is designed to trigger flight or fright; so if you breathe in a very shallow manner then the oxygen only fills the top part of your lung.  This means that the receptors will send messages to the brain telling you to get ready for a fight or to run for your life.

The further down that the oxygen travels the more relaxed that you will become because the receptors deeper down are connected to that part of your brain that triggers peace, contentment, happiness, gratitude … and you will actually feel these emotions flood over you as you slow your breathing and focus on longer deeper breaths.  This is not woo-woo stuff.  This has been scientifically proven. Take a deep breath and experience the joy of getting centered and feeling more calm.

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4 Responses to Breathing

  1. Florian says:

    Allowing your breath to travel further down to your diaphram with deep inhalations and slow exhalations you are also allowing for a much more efficient exchange of gases energizing your body and detoxifiyng your body by releasing of waste material.

  2. Stefan says:

    I have been practicing breathing for a few years now…and I was so sure that I had it down pat during the previous thirty-four odd years of my life. I found the information in this post to be very illuminating.

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